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December 2017

7 Clever Billboard Designs

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1. Kris/Bindi Campaign- Chameleon Group

Of course we had to open up with our most favourite campaign which is, by no surprise, made by us. We set out to prove people are looking at billboards and there is a relationship between new and traditional media and achieved it.

2. AntMan- Marvel

Marvel placed dozens of these clever little mini billboards across Australia to promote their new film starring a shrinking superhero.


3. Tracking Billboard- Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

This company placed tracking chips in leaflets that were handed out to shoppers, which then triggered a dog to “follow” them around on the digital ad screens around the shopping centre.

4. Drinkable Beer Billboard- Carlsberg

Carlsberg erected a beer-dispensing billboard, how could it not succeed?!

5. Drinkable Coke Billboard- Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola claims to be the first company to ever have a billboard dispensing a drink.

6. Cookie Eclipse- Oreo

Taking full advantage of the rare event of a solar eclipse, Oreo set up a digital ad that reacted in real-time with the Earth’s movements around the sun.

7. Interactive Billboard- Ogilvy & Mathers

This interactive billboard campaign from Ogilvy & Mather’s asked people to climb, punch and operate weights on the billboard.