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January 2018

Wallpaper Inspiration For Your Next Project

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Wallpaper is being revived. The previously taboo decorating tool has returned to interior fashion in a massive way thanks to stylish prints, clever ideas and new materials making it easier to both install and remove. Wall paper or wall art offers a fun way to highlight a room to reflect you and your style without going over budget.  Modern wallpaper designs are bold, fun, funky, and graphic. Gone are the flowers and pink borders. From city skylines to innovative embellishments with beading and tile, wallpaper is no longer outdated

Home décor is no longer restricted to creating stunning walls and ceilings with just paint. You can go wild with decorative artistic choices. It can be used to create illusions of brick, logs, stone or bookshelves. You could also opt for the novelty idea, transforming a room to be inspired by a particular pop-culture theme- the only limit is your imagination.

Wallpaper art can showcase the style and tastes of the people who own the house it occupies or it can reflect the culture of a business looking for something different to provide motivation and drive. In addition, modern wallpaper is also much easier to remove then its 80s predecessor (Hooray!)

Wallpaper is something we here at Chameleon Group specialise in, from concept to artwork to creation- we take you through the whole process. If you’re feeling inspired after seeing some the clever ideas below, contact us for an obligation free chat. We have in-house artists and installers to make your idea a reality.

That being said, Chameleon Group have compiled a list of some of the most clever and interesting wallpaper ideas to inspire your next project.