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Who are The Best Printing Service Providers in Australia?

Who are the Best Printing Service Providers in Australia?

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The business of printing hasn’t stagnated with the digital age. In some ways, we are experiencing a renaissance of new possibilities for businesses. Print media has never been so flexible, so efficient, and so affordable. And until we all live 24/7 stuck in some virtual reality matrix, we will need physical artefacts in our lives. And the best artefacts are those printed and customised. Naturally, the question is which printing service provider you should reach out to.

Let’s be honest here. If you want quality and friendly printing made in Australia, then Chameleon Group has got your back. Are we the best printing service provider out there? We certainly think we are, and we would love to be able to demonstrate it by helping you succeed in your business needs. Banners, labels, signagebrochures, and books. Even more unique solutions such as custom vehicle wrappers or inflatables are possible. If it can be printed, we are the ones to ask.

What makes Chameleon Group a Great Printing Service Provider?

A number of printing service provider businesses have recently merged together as to create the Chameleon Group. We now provide a whole range of printing services, signage, and web design for businesses in the local region. Our busy team is full of specialised tradesmen who have been in the industry for 20 years, and we have the equipment and resources to cope with the largest of jobs. We are proud of our work, and we can’t wait to provide you with quality print jobs, made in Australia, made on Fraser Coast.


What are The Best Online Business Card Printing Services in Australia?

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A business card may just be a small piece of paper that reveals the name, address, contact details, and expertise of an organisation or person. But this small piece of paper is a ticket to success for many entrepreneurs. It plays an incredible role in exploring business opportunities in a very cost effective way. Therefore, when it comes to designing a business card, you should take particular care that you do it the right way – and with the right team.

Your card needs to be able to attract the attention of your existing and prospective clients. You want them to keep it close to them, and not toss it out as a useless piece of card stock. This has a direct impact on the growth of your business. After all, you want to create cards that people are happy to store close to them and share with others.

Business Card Printing Services in Australia

So, you decided you want memorable and quality business cards. But where do you obtain them from? There are many firms abroad and local with can help you. However, we do recommend going local. You have better guarantees for the quality of the materials and workmanship. You will also be able to get the final product in your hands much sooner. And in the case of Chameleon Group, we are happy to take the time for you. We will go through the development of your business cards step by step to fulfil any special needs that you might have.

For quality made in Queensland, Chameleon Group is the choice to take. We are able to take your ideas and commit them to a wide variety of quality materials and inks. And if you don’t have a design in mind already, our graphic designers are happy to assist you in creating a business card to impress your peers. Find out for yourself and contact us today. Take the first step in helping your business prosper.

Six Reasons your Business Needs Quality Signage

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The truth is that signage isn’t just fun and decoration – it’s a vital part of any business. Getting your signage right can be the difference between a thriving business and a ghost-town. If your signage is sloppy, it will haunt you everywhere you turn; it’s the face of your website, newspaper ads, billboard real estate, and sales promotions, after all. Get it right, or pay the price.

In this post, we share 6 facts that support the importance of quality signage, as reported by the Ketchum Global Research and Analytics group:

Attract new foot traffic.

Over 75% of consumers indicated that they had entered an unfamiliar store based entirely on compelling signage. Perhaps your logo strikes a chord with a passer-by. Your promotion could attract the eyes of a frugal bargain hunter. Or maybe the quality and vivid colours used in your sign simply distinguish you from neighbouring businesses and cause the reader to wonder: “What makes this place so special?” An attractive sign can attract new business – it’s that simple!

Secure quality referrals.

Almost 75% of survey respondents indicated that they have told a friend or family member about a business based entirely off of its signage. Perhaps your sign is a whimsical talking point, or a sure sign of a quality company; whatever the case may be, these sign-based referrals happen every day, and you should try to take advantage of it!

Improve your first impressions.

You wouldn’t show up to a first date with dishevelled hair, stinky breath, and a food stained shirt, so why would you try to make a first impression on a prospect with a shoddy sign? Nearly 70% of consumers indicated that the quality of a businesses’ sign reflects the quality of the business. It makes sense: successful, established business owners will have the money and the savvy to invest in quality store frontage.

Improve your sales.

Consumers feel better about buying from companies who have quality signage: 67% of survey respondents said that sign quality influenced their purchase decisions.

Stop turning prospects away.

Nearly 60% of consumers have reported that a lack of signage prevented them from entering a business. Not only does it make your business seem less serious than its competitor, but it robs the prospect of any directions, promotional information, or product previews that would stimulate their interest in checking out what you have to offer.

Legibility is key.

Consumers and business owners agree that sign legibility is the most important characteristic. Remember this as you work through your design process. Eye-catching images and snappy slogans are great, but the most important impression you can make with your prospects has to do with your business name, business location, and the products or services you offer!

Need new signage for your business?

Why a Website is Vital to your Business

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Starting with a website, it’s vital to have a strong online presence to give customers the impression of professionalism and the motivation for them to engage with your business. That being said, here’s four reasons your business needs a website.

It’s all about first impressions

Nowadays, people Google before they shop. It’s simple. If your business doesn’t have that online presence for potential customers to see, you’re invisible to a very large majority of people. According to 70% of consumers learn about a company through their website rather than ads. With this, customers are making decisions about whether they will be visiting your store or using your service solely based whether you have a credible website or not.

The internet has changed the game of window shopping

Window shopping isn’t what it used to be. Today people make purchasing decisions through their devices. Making sure your business is well represented through not only your website but also other digital channels such as search engines and review sites, is vital to capturing a larger customer base.

If you don’t have a website, you won’t appear in potential customers searches

Whether you’re self-employed or a corporate sized business, your website appear strong and noteworthy. For most small businesses, it’s unnecessary to have your website updated every day, however having a polished website that functions efficiently, will engage customers enough to push them over the line of conversion.

It saves you money

When compared to traditional advertising, a website is your best cost effective way to promote your business long term. Even if your digital skills are slim to none, paying a web designer to design and upkeep your website still works out cheaper than traditional advertising long term, with the investment becoming worth the potential customers you will be reaching.

When it comes to comparing the cost of a professional website with a freebie D.I.Y. website, unless you are fairly skilled, your website will cost you in time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere in your business. Not only that, but if it’s not professional, or can’t be found in a Google search, you will lose customers.

Need a website created for you?