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Kris – Bindi – The pictures

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Bet this BILLBOARD got your attention!

I know all about your new love

The pictures are online

Your Ex-Missus BINDI

OK, so you saw the sign, what’s it all about?

Well it seems Kris has done the dirty on Bindi, and Bindi’s revenge was to get a local sign company to put some billboards up along the Bruce Highway.  We’ve spotted them in Bundaberg, Childers and Rockhampton.  We’ve searched for these two individuals as to get some insight.

It seems that in the wake of his company almost tripling in size almost solely thanks to some genius marketing, Kris and his newly enlarged income has attracted the eye of a young woman. Much to the despair of his wife of 7 years, Bindi.

Ironically, the Chameleon Group produced both the marketing of his’ company, as well as the billboard designed to shame him to all passing motorists.

It is unconfirmed who took the pictures of the accused and his new love, however it is speculated that it was the owner of a business (who will be left unnamed) in direct competition to the one Kris owns. With the recent success of his latest marketing campaign, Kris has overtaken the unnamed local business owner as the market leader. In spotting Kris with his new love, the aforementioned took the opportunity to snap some pictures in the hopes it would derail the soaring success of Kris’ company.

Chameleon Group provided the services both parties used however did not play a part in the activity that surrounds them.

Nevertheless, have a look below at the pictures you came to see. While you’re at it, check out our print and marketing services used by Kris and Bindi here-

We are now ISO9001 certified!

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iso9001.2015Over the last few months, Chameleon has been working hard to get quality management system ISO9001:2015 certification, and today we can announce we have officially been awarded it.

The certification shows we are committed to meeting regulatory requirements, customer requirements, have correct documentation and procedures in place for our organisation to run efficiently.  The successful audit was performed at our HQ office in Hervey Bay and covers us for printing services, including design and supply of promotional material/products, website designs and management, signage and related marketing media services.



Green Print accreditation

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Sustainable Green Print

Chameleon Print group has achieved Sustainable Green Print accreditation Level 2.

This accreditation means we have proven to follow a set of environmental policies which include the policies set by the Printing Industries Association of Australia and environmental legislation set by the Australian government.

These policies include:Sustainable Green Print Certificate

  • Organised and sustainable waste and recyclable management
  • Minimisation of waste to landfills
  • Storage management of drums and containers
  • Minimise possible pollution levels
  • Incident response training and prevention
  • Energy efficiency
  • A commitment to a continuous improvement program


We are committed to continual improvement and believe business should help make the world a better place and invite you to share this vision with us.