Can Stickers be used for Promoting Businesses?

By 11 May 2018Blog

If you think that stickers are only made to bring a smile to the face of a child, then you are mistaken. Gone are the days when printers used to develop stickers of comic characters purely for the enjoyment of children. Have you ever thought, that stickers could be used to promote your business?

Hearing this for the first time, you might be surprised; but if you ask a businessman the same question, he will reveal the benefits of using stickers for promoting his business. In fact, it would be wrong to say that today there is hardly any businesses that are not making use of stickers for promotional purposes.

Stickers Printing In Australia

The reason why businesses are still investing in sticker based promotion, despite so many other instant methods of promotion, is their cost effectiveness. Over time the process of sticker printing has undergone vast changes, especially after the introduction of digital methods of printing. Digital printers are cost effective, instant and are capable of printing stickers in bulk whilst offering printing in different colours and formats.

Benefits of printing stickers:

  1. Generally, stickers are mainly used for labelling items, and therefore when it comes to printers the sticker printing service providers make use of resin for protecting them from damage. There are lots of business operators who get their business cards printed in the format of sticker. Doing this is helpful in retaining the freshness of their card and makes it easier for the potential users to stick them at an easily accessible place.
  2. Stickers are customisable, so depending on your needs it is easy to manipulate the design to fit almost any size.
  3. Since the development of digital printing, it has become easier for the printers to print stickers in bulk. Draft images of stickers can also be saved for future reference, therefore saving on design time.

In short, it can be said that if you are a novice business operator and searching for a cost effective method of business promotion, then the use of stickers could help you to a huge extent.