The Credentials of Effective Business Cards

By 8 May 2018Blog
Credentials of an Effective Business Card

Despite understanding the importance of business cards for promoting businesses in a cost effective fashion, many business owners struggle trying to pinpoint the best business card option to leverage for themselves and their business. If you are concerned about providing the best quality business cards to your customers, read on. There are certain factors that are important to consider before ordering some.

Business Cards printing on the Fraser Coast, Made in Australia

You can’t just order basic business cards and hope for an instantaneous success. Business cards work best if they are impressive and memorable. They should make people want to keep them rather than tossing them unread. Before contacting a business card printer in Australia (such as Chameleon Group!), take the time to look at the options available to get the best possible card which best reflects your business and personality.

  1. Shape of the card: Of course, business cards are traditionally rectangle. However, there is a lot you can do with even a traditional card. Depending on the types of products and services you are offering, a vertical card may provide an interesting new perspective. Some companies even go the extra step of cutting the corners of the cards. Others print their business cards in special shapes and sizes.
  2. Colored or black and white card: You have to ensure that your card captures people’s attention. Your first step is to decide whether to go for full colour or an elegant monochrome. And with two sides to play with, you might even want to leverage the backside as well. Add more information and a pleasant or eye-catching design. A full colour double sided card is more expensive, but shows that you are dedicated to providing your clients with the full business card experience. Take advantage of the newest printing techniquesAdd a luxury foil ink to your card, and people will want to hang it on their walls to admire.
  3. Material of the card: Traditionally, cards have come in thick card stock. Depending on how you want the card to feel, you can choose a matte or a glossy surface. Some companies even go for speciality paper which gives your customers a special tactile experience. Maybe you want business cards that will withstand the strongest attacks. You can then order cards made out of plastic materials. Whatever choice you make, your business cards will capture people’s minds and attention.

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