Submitting Your Artwork

If you have artwork to send us, you can send it to us via e-mail to our sales team,
or use our dropbox, or on CD/DVD, or by USB device, or by using this form.

Print Ready Images

The image you send us must be of high resolution and most likely would need to contain 'bleed edges' and 'trims' so that we can send it directly to our print production team. (More information about bleeding edges in this YouTube tutorial.) We prefer images sent to us in PDF, EPS, TIFF or JPG format type.


Bleed edges with trim marks

Artwork Format Checklist

  • Images need to be not less than 300dpi (1200dpi for bitmaps.)
  • When printing to the edge, the image you send should be at least 3mm beyond the edges, with trims marked on the image.
  • Keep image to 100% scale, with correct print dimensions.
  • 1-up centred on a single page.
  • Ensure you flatten all transparencies and layers to avoid problems when going to print.
  • Prefer your text to be convert to paths, curves or outlines or embed in PDF.
  • Ensure all colours and images are CMYK. Do not save with any colour profiles.
  • Check for the need of a rich black in large black areas. We suggest 40C 100K.

Business Cards

When sending us artwork for a business card, please send us..

  • A pdf file with 'Trim Marks'
  • Have a minimum of a 2mm Bleed on every side
  • Print area must be within the Safe Zone (#mm margins)
  • Recommended Resolution 300dpi
  • Colours must be either CMYK or Grayscale (No RGB, Pantone or Sport Colours)
  • All Fonts must be 'Outlined'
  • All transparency effects need to be flattened
  • Overprint must be turned off on light colours: White or yellows