MACHINE COAT – (Supplier names for machine coat) – Gloss Art, MC Prime, MC Elite, Stickler Coated. – Machine coat is a budget gloss paper with a semi gloss surface. This material is used for lower grade labels.

CAST GLOSS – (Same name for all suppliers) – This is a high grade gloss paper with a full gloss surface. Used for higher quality labels (eg. Wine labels, Products found on supermarket shelves, This material can be used on products going into the fridge with a shorko laminate.  Although this material will absorb moisture from condensation on the cold bottle causing the labels to fall off a lot faster than a plastic martial like PP White or PVC white).

PP (Polypropylene)


This material is used mostly for refrigerated products or any label that will be in risk of absorbing moisture. The difference between PP Top and Opalux 80N is that PP Top is TOP COATED and Opalux 80N is NON TOP COATED. The coating reference is a primer type coating they lay down on the surface of the material which allows inks and adhesives to lay down flatter and bond better to the surface of the material. With Opalux 80N we apply a corona treatment to the material or a primer coating to allow the same results. PP TOP is a more expensive material.


White Gloss Vinyl
Clear + White

This material is usually used for stickers. (eg. Window stickers, Bumper Stickers, Product Stickers like on Lawn mowers or vacuum cleaners etc.) The grain on this Plastic material is strong both ways so removing the label after a long period time is quite easy. Unlike trying to remove PP Top from something as it will thread into little bits and is harder to remove. This is why it is chosen mostly for labels (stickers) that will be removed at some point. This is also a popular material to use for cosmetics products.


Thermal Top

Direct Thermal Paper is a heat-sensitive material. After the labels are printed by us and sent to the customer, they will then go through a thermal printer with a thermal print head that generates heat. When the unique print is set up on the thermal printer by the operator the labels will go through and the heat changes the material from white to black producing printed image on the label. A good example of a label needed to go on direct thermal are scale labels. (This material is also made in a PP (Polypropylene)). THERMAL PRINTER USING HEAT.


Gloss art can be used

This material is used just like labels on Direct thermal are used (Through a thermal printer by the customer). The difference is that instead of heat being used to create the image on the material, a wax ribbon is used instead.


There is PERMANENT adhesives and REMOVABLE ADHESIVES – For labels that need to be removed after a while or not. There are freezer grade adhesives for products going into freezers.

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