Fill a wall with your own custom designed wallpaper

We custom print wallpaper. Use your own images, your own ideas, your own photos and design your own wall art.  Our large specialised printers can print your designs on different types of high-quality wallpaper whether plain or textured.  You can design your own mural!  We print in high-resolution using the latest Latex industrial digital printers. So bring your ideas to life, cover your wall end to end today.

Use our dedicated website for putting your design together

Use our website to bring your ideas to life before you even place an order. Create your design online, and we will send you a quote.  Want to cover your entire wall with a single scenic photo or a collage of photos, no problem.  Be your own graphic artist, create your own design.  With us, you can now render your entire wall in your own wall-art.

Upload your image designs to our wall app to see how it looks..

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Types of wallpaper materials..

The materials used are highly durable and the adhesive makes it easy to reposition.

What is it?
Its a PVC free wallpaper that features a pre‐pasted, water activated adhesive.  You dont need glue for this product, you simply spray the wall from a water bottle and apply the wallpaper. No mess!  The product has textured finish and is a wet‐laid non woven wallpaper.   This wallpaper can butt joined – no overlap!  More information in this Ahlstrom EasyLife® Spray & Up YouTube video.  Wallpaper can be applied by yourselves or by a skilled installer.


What is it?
This textured wallpaper is a ultra repositionable adhesive product.   100% polyester that is perfect for full wall graphics or decals.  Its intended for mostly flat surfaces, although can be applied to curved surfaces if going in a single direction.  Note: not intended to be used on complex curves.

Wallpaper can be applied by yourselves or a skilled installer.  Its recommended that joins are overlapped.  See this instructions guide if self applying.

What is it?
This material is a self adhesive vinyl blockout.  Its recommended that joins are overlapped.  This material is a PVC film with a blockout adhesive.  The adhesive also has a LG Hausys’s AiRFREE ™ technology – AiRFREE ™ technology allows trapped air to be released during application.

This material is highly durable and can be applied to most types of walls utilising its high initial tack bond.  The blockout adhesive will completely cover up anything underneath.

Ordering and Delivery

We will send you a proof and quotation; If you are happy with this, you can place the order and delivery is normally within 7 days. You can self install, or use one of certified installers.

If you got an image to upload, try our online app, or get one of our graphic artists to help design something for you..