Wall Art – Online Ordering

Wall Art Designs

Design and order online your own art to cover your walls. Custom wallpaper, canvas, posters, decals, and banners can be designed and ordered here online. We’ve teamed up with HP as to provide you with online tools as to visualise your wall before we quote you for your order.

Custom Wallpaper

Upload and order your mural design and we will print it across wallpaper, ready for you to just hang up.
For home, office, clubs or any other application you can dream of.
We use high quality wallpaper that doesnt even require glue. It easily sticks up, and can be taken down without tearing.


Wall Decals

Want a wall full of decals? We’ve made it simple. Just use our online designer to upload and add your decals, and sent it to us to print on our high-quality wallpaper.


Canvas Prints

Design and print your set of canvas here. Just upload your artwork and see how it looks before ordering.
Ideal for exhibitions, conferences, or something unique for home.



Want to create your own large poster for the wall. Use our online tool to see how it looks before ordering.
This tool allows for posters from 15cm to 9metres wide. Please call if larger sizes are required.



Pull-up Banners

Create and preview your own banner displays: Roll-ups, X-Banners, L-Banners or the ones you define. Upload and visualise your design before ordering.
Quality full colour pull-up banners offer portability for conferences, exhibitions, showrooms and much more.



Design and visualise your wall banners online before ordering.



For an obligation free quote phone 1800 626 562 or email us

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